JayDee AI- Tool For Job Adverts

In the competitive world of recruitment, crafting the perfect job advert can be a time-consuming challenge. JayDee AI steps in to transform this process, offering an AI-powered solution that promises to make job advert creation faster, more efficient, and highly engaging.

Use Cases

  • Quick Job Advert Creation: For recruitment agencies wondering how to draft job adverts swiftly, JayDee AI provides a streamlined solution, generating unique adverts in moments.
  • Efficient Job Description Processing: For businesses looking for ways to convert job descriptions into engaging adverts, JayDee’s AI takes in detailed job descriptions and crafts succinct, attractive job adverts designed to captivate potential applicants.
  • Seamless Integration with Job Boards: For those inquiring about how to easily post job adverts to multiple platforms, JayDee AI offers a one-click copy and paste feature, ensuring adverts reach a wide audience with minimal effort.


  • Drop a JD: Users can upload a job description, paste it directly, or fill out a form detailing the job’s specifics, and JayDee AI takes it from there.
  • AI-Powered Advert Generation: JayDee AI crafts engaging and concise job adverts aimed at attracting the right applicants.
  • Easy Copy to Job Boards: With a single click, users can copy the generated advert and paste it onto their preferred job boards, simplifying the posting process.


  • Basic Plan: JayDee AI offers a free basic plan where users can create up to 3 adverts. This plan is perfect for those wanting to test out the platform before committing.
  • Professional Plan: Priced at £25 per month, this plan is tailored for recruiters who wish to fully utilize JayDee AI’s capabilities. It allows the creation of up to 50 adverts per month and includes unlimited team members.

Final Thoughts

JayDee AI is not just another tool in the recruitment arsenal; it’s a game-changer. By leveraging the power of AI, it simplifies the job advert creation process, saving recruiters valuable time and ensuring that the adverts resonate with the target audience. Whether you’re a recruitment agency, an HR professional, or a business owner, JayDee AI is worth exploring if you’re keen on optimizing your recruitment process.

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