KeywordSearch: Supercharging Your Ad Audiences with AI

In the dynamic world of digital advertising, KeywordSearch stands out as a versatile AI advertising tool designed to optimize your ad audiences and boost your advertising ROI. It offers a suite of features that leverage AI to enhance your advertising efforts on platforms like Google and YouTube.

Use Cases for KeywordSearch

  • Efficient Ad Campaign Creation: For advertisers asking how to set up effective ad campaigns quickly, KeywordSearch streamlines the process, ensuring rapid deployment of high-performing ads.
  • Advanced A/B Testing: For those keen on finding the best ad variations, KeywordSearch’s A/B testing tools provide insights into the most effective ad combinations.
  • Automated Ad Management: If you’ve been searching for ways to automate ad optimization, KeywordSearch’s rules-based approach ensures your ads are always at peak performance.
  • Monitoring Ad Performance: For marketers looking for real-time ad performance tracking, KeywordSearch offers a comprehensive dashboard to keep an eye on crucial metrics and refine strategies accordingly.

Features of KeywordSearch

  • AI Audience Builder: This feature enables the creation of optimal ad audiences in seconds. It analyzes your business and audience data to uncover patterns and identify the most relevant and high-performing audiences for your ad campaigns.
  • Sync to Google Ads: With a single click, you can sync your AI-crafted audiences to Google Ads, saving hours of manual research and setup.
  • Keyword Topic Auto Expansion: This feature empowers your content creation and channel growth by providing tailored recommendations for new video ideas, titles, tags, and optimized descriptions, maximizing views, engagement, or subscriber growth.
  • YouTube Ad Spy: Gain a competitive edge with access to a vast database of YouTube ads along with their crucial statistics, metadata, and targeting insights.

Pros and Cons


  • User-Friendly: The platform is intuitive, allowing users to go from concept to synced ad audience in an average time of 2.6 minutes.
  • Comprehensive Ad Insights: Offers unparalleled access to crucial statistics and metadata of YouTube ads.
  • Versatile: Serves businesses, marketers, and content creators with features like AI Audience Builder and Keyword Research.


  • Specificity: The tool is highly specialized in keyword search and audience building, which might not cater to those looking for a more diverse set of advertising tools.


Pricing Details

KeywordSearch offers a variety of plans tailored to fit different needs, from small businesses just starting their keyword research journey to power users who require more advanced features:

  • Keyword Search Plan – Ideal for smaller businesses & those just starting their keyword research journey:
  • Price: $97/month
  • Features:
  • 10 AI audience searches/month
  • YouTube channel & video search
  • Smart Collections
  • Unlimited keyword research
  • +Ad Spy Plan – Offers the power of the AI Audience Builder with enhanced search capabilities:
  • Price: $197/month
  • Features:
  • Everything in the Keyword Search plan
  • Ad Spy: spy on competitor’s ads
  • 100 AI audience searches/month
  • Unlimited keyword & ad searches
  • + AI Audiences Plan – The most powerful product with extensive AI audience searches and Google Ad Sync:
  • Price: Starting at $297/month
  • Features:
  • Everything in the Ad Spy plan
  • 1,000 AI searches/month
  • Access to 1-click Google Sync for ad audiences
  • Early access to beta features and exclusive updates

For those with specific questions or unique requirements, KeywordSearch encourages users to contact their team directly.


KeywordSearch is a powerful AI advertising tool that promises to supercharge your ad audiences and optimize your advertising strategies. Whether you are a marketer, a business, or a content creator, KeywordSearch provides a range of features to help you discover your perfect target audience and grow your presence on platforms like Google and YouTube.

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