– AI Tool For In-Chat Advertising

In the realm of conversational AI, monetization is a challenge many startups face. offers a unique solution, providing native text ads tailored specifically for chatbots. With a focus on precision targeting for Generative AI platforms, it ensures that ads are not just relevant but also enhance the user experience.

Use Cases

  • Monetizing Chatbots: For AI startups pondering how to monetize their chatbots, offers a seamless integration to generate revenue through native in-chat ads.
  • Enhanced User Experience with Relevant Ads: For businesses aiming to improve user engagement in chatbot conversations, ensures ads blend into the conversation, providing users with relevant content.
  • Precision Targeting in Conversational AI: If you’re looking for strategies to target ads effectively in chatbots,’s advanced prompt analysis ensures highly relevant and personalized ads.
  • Expanding Monetization Opportunities: For chatbot platforms seeking ways to access a diverse pool of advertisers, provides instant access without the extra effort of sourcing.


  • Integration with Chatbot Platforms: A straightforward process with all necessary support provided to integrate your chatbot with
  • Real-time Prompt Analysis: AI-driven analysis of user prompts to understand the context and content of each conversation.
  • Native Text Ad Generation: Identifies the most relevant ads and generates native text ads that seamlessly integrate into the chat.
  • Revenue Generation: Earn revenue every time a user interacts with an ad. The more engagement, the higher the revenue.
  • Detailed Reporting & Payout: Provides insights on ad performance and user engagement with regular payout processes.


  • Unobtrusive Advertising: Ads that blend seamlessly into chatbot conversations, ensuring no disruption to the user experience.
  • Access to a Diverse Advertiser Pool: Expands monetization opportunities without the need for individual sourcing.
  • Real-time Analysis: Ensures high relevance and personalization of ads, increasing engagement and returns.


  • Dependence on User Engagement: Revenue generation is directly tied to user interaction with ads.
  • Platform Familiarization: New users might require some time to understand and make the most of the platform’s tools.


Unfortunately, the exact pricing details for were not explicitly mentioned on the website. It’s recommended to reach out to them directly or check their website for the most up-to-date information.

In conclusion, stands out as a promising platform for AI startups looking to monetize their chatbots. With its focus on delivering relevant and unobtrusive ads, it not only offers a potential revenue stream but also ensures an enhanced user experience. Whether you’re an AI startup or an advertiser, is worth exploring.

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